Workforce Transformation

Transform your workforce for the future

Don’t wait for change, shape your future of work consciously

We can’t predict the future of work. And we know that there’s no one size fits all solution for every organization. But what we do know for certain is that we all need to do different work differently. The organizations that stay ahead will seize the moment and shape the future of work their way.

It won’t be enough to just talk about transformation—you need to commit. Make big changes to operate differently. Think holistically but prioritize ruthlessly. And act with employees and the broader world’s interest in mind.

So, where do you start? By asking these six questions:

  1. WHO are the people you need?
  2. HOW do you need people to work?
  3. WHAT do you need people to do?
  4. WHEN do you need people to work?
  5. WHERE do you need people to be?
  6. WHY is your organization valuable?

We make change happen

We build a picture of what your workforce needs to look like across all dimensions— and then we work with you to make the transformation happen.

Imagine a future vision for your workforce

We use creative visioning techniques and dynamic market data drawn from the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud across jobs, structures and people to plan a vision for the future that is unique to your organization. We feed that into our workforce planning process to:

  • Define future-facing capabilities. We help you build a picture of the people and technological capabilities you need to achieve your vision including contingent workforces, partnerships, robotics and ecosystems
  • Compare tomorrow’s vision with today’s reality. We help you understand how work will be different and what needs to change
  • Plan for a strategic workforce. We draw on dynamic market data to help you build a workforce plan that makes sense today and tomorrow
  • Explore all the possibilities. We plan for an array of workforce futures accounting for the impacts of slow vs. fast change, and show you how different workforce choices may play out in real life

Architect key structural, capability and talent decisions

Drawing on our deep understanding of work and people, and enabled by our AI tools, we work with you to reshape jobs and develop the skills needed to succeed within them. We help you:

  • Organize the work that needs to get done from high level structure down to individual jobs
  • Identify the skills you need in each area of the organization and every role
  • Build a plan to close gaps, including reskilling and upskilling teams, rethinking your physical workplace and developing the right rewards strategy to keep everyone motivated
  • Prepare for bumps in the road. Transformation is hard, but we help you rise to any unexpected challenges

Transform your workforce

We don’t just give you a blueprint for change and go —we bring your blueprint to life, bringing your people with you. We can help:

  • Create behavior change at scale by bringing out the skill sets and mindsets your future teams need to succeed
  • Hire new talent to close gaps and hit new goals
  • Shape your future culture to create an engaging employee experience and encourage the right ways of working to deliver your strategy
  • Build the right infrastructure to make it easy to work in new ways
  • Adjust as we go, so if things change for your organization, we change too

Let us be part of your success story

Contact us and see how our business transformation services can help.